1. Cabinet Delivery - Ultracraft cabinets take 5-6 weeks to be delivered from the time the order is placed. They will be delivered by an 18 wheeler truck to your home, or the address of your choosing, unless you live in an area unreachable by 18 wheeler trucks. If this the case, please bring this to our attention before the order is placed so we can work out other accommodations. Ultracraft delivery workers (a third party delivery company may also be used) will not carry the cabinets into your home so you will need to have accommodations made for two or more people to carry the cabinets from the truck to the install site.

CW Kitchen and Bath will communicate expected delivery dates to you and will make sure a person on-site is listed as a contact person for Ultracraft.

Once the cabinets have been unloaded off the truck, you will be asked to sign off that you have received all of the cabinets on the order. If you are missing a cabinet, please let us know immediately so we can track it down and have it delivered.

2. Cabinet Damages - Any damaged cabinets must be reported to CW Kitchen and Bath at info@cwkitchenandbath.com within 30 days of their delivery. Pictures must be included in order to receive a replacement. CW Kitchen and Bath retains the right to deny a damage replacement request if the damage is so minor as to be easily fixed (e.g. a small scratch in the paint).

3. Cabinet Returns- Every cabinet order is made to order. This is why we require a quote to be created by CW Kitchen and Bath that is signed off on by the purchaser, because all cabinet sales are final. We will not accept any cabinets sent back to us. We will not issue any refunds for cabinets ordered per the signed quote.

4. Hardware Resources Delivery - Any Hardware Resources item purchased from our website should be delivered within 10 business from its purchase by a delivery service such as UPS or FedEx. 

5. Hardware Resources Returns -  If you need to return your order for any reason you have 45 days to do so to receive full refund though you may be charged a restocking fee. You will also be responsible for shipping the item back to the company and any costs associated with that.